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Epix Dance

 Scholarships & Awards

Three FULL scholarships will be awarded at each event hosted by Epix Dance Convention. They will be awards to dancer's who display one of the three Epix Fundamentals which are Excellence, Performance, and Innovation.

Scholarship of Dance Excellence  - Awarded to a dancer that has it all when it comes to brilliant technique,  great sportsmanship, and loves everything about dance.

Scholarship of Perfect Performance   - Awarded to a dancer that brings out their inner stage presence to all their classes and dances full out using their facial expressions.

Scholarship of True Innovation - Awarded to a dancer that truly thinks and dances outside of the box. This dancer truly puts their own complementary spin a teacher's choreography and does so in an effortless manner.

Stunning Studio Spirit Award - Awarded to an entire dance studio that demonstrated true positive sportsmanship.

BEST OF EACH DANCE STYLE (Awarded to both a junior and senior dancer for each class)

This award is for demonstrating top excellence within a dance class taught by one of our Premier or Celebrity Guest teachers

We will be awarding a BEST OF:





Music Video Winners - Awarded to a dancers who displayed total dance excellence throughout the entirety of the convention. These winners get to be featured in our Epix Dance Convention Commercial Video.

EPIX Cover Models - Awarded to a dancer that enters in our online photo contest. The cover model must plan on attending one of our 2022 Dance Conventions.

Improv Dance Winner - Awarded to a dancer that pays to enter our dance improv contest the day of our convention.